Carlos and Rosa Perez

Masters of masters. Carlos and Rosa are a constant inspiration. They have become undoubtedly inescapable. Today they are witness of the past and shapers of the future in Tango. Come meet them in Brussels from October 31st to November 5th!

Carlos and Rosa in a few words


Simple and refined, they dance Tango Salon. They live in Villa del Parque and give lessons in Villa Urquiza. Their tango has the scent of the boroughs in Buenos Aires and the elegance of fine Argentine wine.


In every popular dance, transmission is what’s most important. Transmission has no magic to it; on the contrary, it is all about the artisan, who expertly and patiently knows how wait for the materials to set.


Being initiated is somewhat unfathomable, bound to grace. In Flamenco that somewhat is called “duende”, in Tango “cadencia” (cadence). Only a few have the capability to light the fire, to incite the flames. The secret: years living, dancing, and an exceptional generosity.

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Hello everyone !

Hoping to see you between October 31st and November 5th to meet Carlos and Rosa!