The Encuentro

The «Encuentros» (The Meetings) have been a great success for the past 4 years. Organized by Tango Eupen, they attract more and more people every edition.

Each time, after the gathering at Eupen, Carlos and Rosa stop by to visit us in Brussels. They come to Nosotros Tango Club to impart their knowledge through seminars and talks.
Since strength comes in numbers, we have decided to work as a whole and make this event an even larger and more accessible celebration for everyone. We share the same passion.
This year, the 5th Carlos and Rosa International Encuentro will be hosted in Brussels from October 31st to November 5th. As a surprise premiere we will have their disciples, Julieta Qüesta y Rauli Choque !

Every Wednesday, dozens of Porteños (locals of Buenos Aires) and foreigners rush to the Sunderland Club to have the unique experience of participating in a guided practice by Carlos and Rosa. Professionals, beginners, confirmed dancers… all gather at the same level to receive the teachings of these great masters. They walk in line. The men follow Carlos, the women follow Rosa. Then they dance and listen to their invaluable advice.

A great number of dancers show up every Wednesday, in preparation for the International Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, to follow that same ritual, convinced that it is only through the conscious repetition of a gesture that we become experts. Then, they put Carlos and Rosa’s advice into practice. From time to time, the music is interrupted and we hear a correction from the masters. Sometimes they share an anecdote or they show us an old-new dance step as well as its history.
The guided practices are an old tradition among the “milongueros” of Buenos Aires. Carlos and Rosa’s practices have become an inevitable mythical date. The objective of our Encounter is to reproduce this atmosphere and allow ourselves to make a qualitative jump in our dancing; to acquire sensibility and profoundness in just an intense week.

We have chosen the St François School Gymnasium to reproduce, as best possible, the atmosphere at the Sunderland Club in Buenos Aires where Carlos and Rosa’s mythical practices take place.

Unforgettable milongas, film/conferences, Argentine cuisine, orchestras, shows and more.The absolute everything: like-o-ver-there-but-here!

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