Los chicos

Julieta Qüesta & Rauli Choque

More than talented, they have danced in every milonga in Buenos Aires. They are the Cordoba Province champions, which they represented in the World Championship. They won the Floreal as well as the Los Zuccas Championships among others. They were finalists in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 World Championships.

Carlos and Rosa’s influence is reflected in the way los chicos focus on the embrace and the walk as fundamental teaching elements of Tango Salon. Above and beyond technique, Carlos and Rosa have conveyed the importance of the walk and the cadence. For their first European tour, Carlos gave them ample advice on how to teach and treat students; to be fun, teach the technique without forgetting that the student must discover tango with joy.

The primordial advice: To first and foremost protect the emotional bond!