Who are they ?

The capacity for initiation and transmission are gifts only possessed by masters.

We cannot self proclaim ourselves as such lightly. It is the students who one day begin to call their professors that way. It is, as well, that in looking at the students we ask ourselves who has been their teacher…
One becomes a master with the passing of years, when youth’s fiery energy gives way to humility.
Carlos and Rosa are renowned in the whole world as such. In Argentina they are called MASTERS.
In Buenos Aires they organize a guided practice that has become a classic. There, all the apprentices, professionals and teachers meet up; an inevitable stop for all tango loving tourists.

Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado are a perfect example of their work, but we could name so many others… Francisco Forquera, Natalia Hills, Pablo Rodríguez, Noelia Hurtado, Fabián Peralta, Cristian Sosa and of course, Sergio Wolf in Brussels.

It is an honor to host them for the 5th time. Listen to them, share a lunch, take advantage of their advice and above all, watch them walk masterfully across the dance floor. Just the simple fact of being able to to be with them, even if it is for 3 minutes, the length of a tango… is a great honor.